Initiatives of SDGs

Initiatives of SDGs

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 as a successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2001.

Leave No One Behind

We also feel that this theme is serious and are thus engaged in "Efficient use of energy", "Establishment of environmentally friendly system", "Reduction of greenhouse gases in plastic saving", "Enhancement of childcare support system", "Enhancement of welfare", "Respect for individuals in liberalization of improvement proposals" and "Industry-academia collaboration".

We strive to end all forms of poverty, fight inequality and aim for a sustainable society in dealing with climate change so that we will not miss the GOAL of 2030.


[Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Cosmo Beauty Initiatives ①]

Energy efficiency At our Saitama Plant (Medicos Co., Ltd.), we succeeded in reducing the annual emission of greenhouse gas CO2, which is considered to be the main cause of global warming by converting kerosene to city gas in 2013.
Since 2014, LED lighting has been standardized at all offices and factories, and energy-saving activities (introduction of energy-saving equipment, optimization of air-conditioning temperature, etc.) have been implemented at each business site. From this year, it is an obligation at all factories to monitor demand so that the amount of electricity does not suddenly rise and we are energy saving conscious.

Establishment of environment-friendly system Participate in cleaning activities from the factory to the station. Through activities that contribute to the local community, we aim to realize a society that is cleaner, safer, and gives equal opportunities to all. In 2017, we announced our corporate statement, “Make People and Society Beautiful®,” and in 2018, we declared our basic environmental philosophy and policy.

[Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Cosmo Beauty Initiatives ②]

Reduction of greenhouse gases through plastic reduction The microplastic problem has become an extremely big issue in the marine environment and it is said that the amount of plastic in the ocean will exceed the amount of fish in 2050. We are also making efforts to reduce the amount of polyethylene. We have been manufacturing and selling a large amount of scrub hand cleaners containing polyethylene beads in hand cleaners for decades but we took the microplastic problem seriously and completely abolished the use of polyethylene beads in 2017. In 2018, we have renewed the product to be environmentally friendly by using corn cob scrubs as a substitute for polyethylene beads. From 2019, we are gradually reducing the amount of polyethylene in our commercial brand containers. We expect to reduce greenhouse gas by reducing the use polyethylene products.

[Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Cosmo Beauty Initiatives ③]

Enhancement of childcare support system We have established a maternity and paternity leave system before and after childbirth and a leave system for childcare for employees involved in childbirth and childcare.
In addition, after returning to work, we have set up a place for counseling and decide on a workstyle that suits each person's child-rearing environment. We provide a variety of support according to the age of the child and the working conditions of the parents, and aim to provide support that can be used by all families who need it.

Welfare benefits We have introduced a paid leave system in case of unforeseen circumstances such as illness. We are creating an environment where one can work with peace of mind by accumulating paid leave that would otherwise disappear.
In addition, we are devising various measures to improve the work life of employees such as providing housing allowance in 2019.

Respect for individuals of improvement suggestions We have a culture in which suggestions for improving internal operations and the environment can be submitted regardless of department or position. The theme is efficiency and safety, and at the end of the fiscal year prize money will be paid if it the suggestion si put into effect, which will be beneficial to both the company and employees. This improvement suggestion is an important position for us as an initiative to raise employee motivation.

[Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Cosmo Beauty Initiatives ④]

Industry-academia collaboration We have partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders such as universities and corporate research institutes, and are currently strengthening the development of our own technologies.
In addition, at the Saitama site, we have our own Cosmo Farm where everything from cultivation to extraction are done by hand by our employees. They are grown without any pesticides to ensure our customers of its safety. We aim to enrich the lives of our customers with cosmetics that are not available in the world, improve the quality of life, and realize a happy life for each and every one of us and a society full of smiles.