Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

COSMO BEAUTY CO.,LDT (hereinafter referred as the Company) understand that information management including personal information is extremely important and social responsibility at all business activities the company makes, and establishes Privacy Policy as bellow, manages personal information appropriately, and make responsible behavior.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company respects all laws and ordinances, policy, and any other rules about personal information determined by the government in terms of dealing with personal information which is dealt by all business of the company and other information such as employee personal information.Moreover, the Company establishes personal information protection management system compliant with Japanese industrial standard “Personal Information Protection Management systems – Requirements” (JIS Q15001:2006), and protects personal information.
  2. The Company has to identify purposes of use of personal information gaining and using it, and doesn’t handle it beyond the necessary extent for the achievement of identified purposes of use (for uses other than identified purposes of use).
  3. The company doesn’t provide your personal information for third party except the company has your agreement or laws and ordinances approvals and others.
  4. The Company investigates in detail immediately and deals with matters in good faith within a reasonable term when the company receives any complaints or consultations.
  5. For appropriate management of personal information the company gained, the Company takes systematic, human, physical, and technical safety measures, and work on preventing and correcting personal information leak, destruction, and damage.
  6. The Company reviews its personal information protection management system constantly and improves approaches to personal information protection in consideration with changes of social conditions and environment.

About handling of Privacy Policy

  1. About purposes of use of personal information

    The Company collects personal information for purposes of uses below.

    1. For offer and management of services of the Company
    2. For identifying and confirming of who provides services of the Company
    3. For providing information related to the Company services
    4. For delivery of email such as questionnaires and others for developing services of the Company
    5. For delivery of email such as notification and others from the Company
    6. For contact about invitation of various training classes and seminars and about information of them
    7. For delivery of gifts for customers who use services of the Company
    8. For responses and records relating to questions, suggestions, requests, and others
    9. For human resource and labor of employees and human resource and labor of health management employee, health management
    10. For contact with applicants for employment and deciding to whether accept or not
  2. About providing personal information

    The Company doesn’t provide your personal information for third party except below.

    1. When you agree with
    2. When identifying and confirming at when providing services the Company
    3. When the Company is required to disclose by organizations of the government, local governments, courts, public institutions like a Public Prosecutors Office, lawyers, and institutions which have authority compliant with the above officially, and also when the Company needs to cooperate with them for their accomplishment of affairs set up by laws.
    4. When the Company provides for sponsors of events or seminars which are opened as a part of its services.
    5. When the Company consigns some parts of its business to third party.
    6. When the Company needs to exercise its power.
    7. In the case that the Company provides for the business successors when the company needs business successions because of a merger, asset purchase, and others
    8. When laws and ordinances approve
  3. About depositing of personal information

    The company consigns some parts of its business to the exterior in order to provide better services for customers.At that time, the company happens to deposit personal information to business consignee.In that case, the company picks out appropriate consignees under the condition that they have and fulfill their management system which can protect personal information adequately, then, arranges necessary matters by appropriate management and maintaining confidentiality of personal information for preventing personal information leak under contracts, and let consignees execute appropriate management.

  4. About personal information disclosure, correction, delate, and others

    The Company discloses, corrects, delates, and does other procedures to personal information which customers provided within rational extent after confirming identification of a customer when our customers request for.However the Company doesn’t respond to requests when it consider that benefits of life, health, property, and any other things of other persons could be damage or that the company’s business performance could be interfered with.And the Company responds to any requests appropriately based on corresponding laws and ordinance when they are approved by such as laws and ordinance and any other rules.

  5. About identification

    The Company confirms your identification by one of methods below.

    1. By calling a phone number you already provided before and making sure that you take that call
    2. By sending an email to an email address you already provided before and wait for your reply.
    3. By asking you about your full name and your address in processing
  6. About processing of disclosure, correction, and others

    The company accepts requests about disclosure, notification of proposes of use, correction when personal information which the Company keeps has errors, suspension of use, and suspension of providing for third party. (Hereinafter referred as Disclosure and Others)However, the Company has some possibilities not to respond to requests when they interfere with its business performances or are about records of its business performance. Pease contact below for detailed processing of requests of Disclosure and Other. The company doesn’t take any commissions for requesting of Disclosure and Other.