Corporate Philosophy

Creating high value products is our joy.

Business Domain

Manufacture innovative fields.

Create products related to cleanliness and beauty.

Action agenda

Continuously challenging ourselves
Wide perspective
Our customers’ satisfaction is our joy.
Courteous conduct
Unified organization

Corporate policy

Our customers’ satisfaction is our joy. Our mission is to provide business opportunities for our customers through high motivation and a sense of mission.

Corporate Mission Statement

「Make People and Society Beautiful®」

Message from the Representative Director and President

Creating high value products is our joy. We continuously work hard to create new values to satisfy our customers.

We are a value making OEM company specializing in cleanliness and beauty.

Based on our Corporate Mission Statement of “Make People and Society Beautiful”, we are a company committed to beautification of people and our surroundings.

We are not just a contractor but a company whose mission is to make our customers happy, surprised, and astonished with our services and manufacturing expertise.

Since our foundation in 1949 as a chemical product manufacturer, we have expanded our business to the manufacturing of cosmetic and medical products thanks in part by the support and guidance of our customers.

Following the completion of the 3rd factory in Vietnam in June 2018 and the 2nd factory in China in September 2018, we plan to complete the new Kobe factory in 2025.

Now more than ever, we are expanding our business overseas, and we will continue to do so while devoting ourselves to making various investments and efforts into creating hit products, so that we may actively meet the expectations of our customers in the domestic and overseas markets.

Cosmo Beauty Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Takashi Yamazoe
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